Does home depot install roof shingles?

For more information on roof replacement and installation, see our Home Services department. This publication was created in collaboration with The Home Depot. Home improvement companies like Home Depot now offer roof replacement and installation services, in addition to selling roofing materials. However, when choosing a roofing contractor, you should ensure that you have highly experienced technicians who have been trained for your exact roofing problem.

While Home Depot roofing shingles may be of high quality, there is no way to know if the technicians they use are qualified enough to replace and install your roof. Home Depot is ending its roofing business, according to several media outlets. We were informed that the work was a little slow and that they did not ventilate the roof properly, which led to mold and stagnant moisture. Since Home Depot no longer does roofing, they've sent us a third-party mitigation team called Genpact.

In addition, the cost of installation labor may be covered over the life of the roof in some cases. When it comes to filing a roof damage insurance claim, it's best to contact a qualified roofing contractor you can trust. Stacy Risenmay from Not Just A Housewife recently replaced her 1930 roof with the help of Home Depot Services. You may be able to have Home Depot roofing shingles attached to inferior materials from another manufacturer if you choose that company to handle the replacement of your roof.

My first warning that this transaction was bad was near the completion of the roof installation, the contractor called me to say that I had to add additional charges for materials that were not part of the original contract. The Street first reported on the move that not only affects the company's roofing business, but also gutters, insulation and cladding. In addition to the roof leak that has now caused damage to the roof, the permits were never completed. I just got almost half my life off my roof and Home Depot has told me to give it to my insurance company (and people wonder why insurance is so expensive).

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