What roofing shingles are the best quality?

If you notice that your shingles are cracked or curved, or that you are missing granules, it could be time for a serious roof repair or replacement. In addition, Roofing Insights fully supports all the shingles on this list, except for PABCO Premier and TAMKO Heritage, two shingles that still need to improve and reach the level of their competition. Bill Ragan Roofing team has been providing high-quality residential roof repairs and replacements in and around Nashville since 1990. While all asphalt shingles will last less than a metal roof, IKO products will need to be replaced before other brands of asphalt shingles.

Describe the area of the shingle where roofers are supposed to insert the nails that will hold the shingles to the roof. Before owning my own roofing company, I sold or had installed GAF, OC, Tamco, Certainteed and IKO shingles. Shingle and slate can last 100 with proper care, but they also require a reinforced roof structure due to their additional weight. They offer a wide range of ceiling colors and include a mix of color tones that offers a unique mix of shades perfect for your home.

The packing of shingles is important because it protects the integrity of the shingle as it is transported from the facility where it was created, to a homeowner's roof. Like the other brands of roofing shingles, you will have the opportunity to get an enhanced warranty on your Heritage Woodgate, Heritage Premium and Heritage Vintage lines by purchasing a complete roof system. There are a variety of factors that affect the life of your roof, including weather, roof design, installation, maintenance, and material. The cold roof version of CertainTeed's Landmark shingle is a wood-chip-inspired asphalt shingle that reflects solar energy and radiant heat.

GAF offers certifications to roofing contractors who take the necessary courses to install all GAF products correctly. The decision to invest in a new roof is a decision with which you, or someone who could buy your home later, will have to live 20 to 50 years. As I said before, one brand of roofing shingles is no better than the other, and they all make excellent products.

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